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Another unfinished story...

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Another unfinished story... Empty Another unfinished story...

Post by Joe on Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:22 pm

Chapter One
ZACHARY Frost was a 16 year old boy about to be awakened by an amazing adventure. His ice blue eyes studied the snow covered path he was walking. He saw his little neighbors having snowball fights and building igloos. His six year old neighbor was mailing a letter to Santa with his fingers crossed, his mother stood behind him laughing. Zach smiled at the sight of happiness during such a boring time in his life. His feet were beginning to get wet through his soaked sneakers. He pulled the flaps down from his hat as he stared up at his house. The sigh he let out instantly turned to fog in the air. He turned his back on his warm and cozy house and continued down the long block. He followed the footprints a large dog had left in the snow. The prints stopped at a small house at the end of the block. There were people inside laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Another sigh escaped from Zach as he reached the corner. The street signs were frosted over and silver icicles hung from them like frozen raindrops. He made his way down his best friend Jake Donahough’s block. Jake and his sister Abigail were outside playing with their baby cousin. He looked up and smiled when he saw Zach.
“Hey” Zach said smiling at Abigail and Jake. “Need some help?” Zach took off his backpack, which never seemed to have anything in it, and dropped it on the driveway. Before Jake had the option of answering Abigail ran over to Zach.
“We’d love some” she said, her breath fogged her glasses. She introduced him to their cousin Willy and they began to build a snowman. Somehow their snowman became a fort for a snowball fight. Abigail and Zach versed the reluctant Jake and the unaware Willy. Abigail was hitting Willy with grape sized snowballs while Zach was throwing boulders at Jake. They laughed until they cried; their teardrops soon became tiny icicles on their faces. Willy was running in circles around the snowman, which was now just a bottom. Soon Jake chased Zach around the block and into the backyard. Abigail was cheering on Zach and trying to trip Jake. When the two passed by Willy, he stuck his foot out in front of Zach. Zach’s chin hit the concrete with a thud. The snow turned scarlet around him. Abigail screamed and ran inside. Jake went over to Zach and propped him up.
“You alright?” He asked taking off his glove. Zach nodded and grimaced. He handed the glove to Zach. Zach made an odd face at the glove. “Put it on your chin genius.”
“Thanks,” Zach said putting the glove on his chin. He looked at Willy, laughed, and said “You cheated!” Willy began laughing too. Abigail came running from the house, her face was red and she was out of breath. Mrs. Donahough followed after her with a first aid kit.
“Let’s get inside honey,” She said making a sad face at the two boys in the street. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine Mrs. Donahough.” He got up and walked inside, Abigail was close behind him she had her arms out in case he fell. Jake turned and, with a dirty look, mouthed “Stop it” to her. “What if he falls?” She said “He hit his chin on concrete, he’s not out of water in the Sahara, stop!” Jake mouthed back. Abigail gave up and backed away, she started getting Willy out of his coat.
“So what are you guys doing for Christmas?” Jake asked Zach as they were playing Xbox in Jake’s basement. Zach was never good at shooting games like Jake, he preferred Mario Brothers over Call of Duty, but it was Jake’s house.
“Who knows? All the Frost’s live in like, the North Pole or somewhere near there.” Zach said as he was killed yet again in the game. What Zach said was true; all but three of the Frost family members lived in the North Pole. The three were his mother, his sister, and himself. Jake never questioned why they lived there, ever since the day when Zach bit him for asking when they were 7. Today was the day. “No more cowering” He thought, he was going to ask Zach why his family lived there.
“So Zach…” Jake said, regretting saying those two words. Zach looked up and motioned for him to continue. “Why does your family live in the North Pole?” Zach paused the game and sat back in his chair.
“I can’t believe you finally got the courage to ask that question again” Zach laughed. “I actually have no idea, my mom won’t tell me.” He shrugged.
“Oh, that’s odd” Jake said resuming the game. “Did you ever meet them?” Jake killed Zach again.
“I think I met my uncle once, like when I was born or something like that.” Zach said trying to figure out a strategy to beat Jake.
“Do you know his name?” Jake asked, he was about to kill Zach again.
“John, I think?” Zach clicked pause again; he looked at Jake with soulful eyes. “Jake I didn’t know who to talk to about this but I realized it’s obviously you.”
Jake and Zach were standing outside again. Zach snuck a knife out of the Donahough silverware draw. He pulled it out of his back pocket. Jake’s heart skipped a beat; he tried to slip back a little bit. Zach laughed “I’m not gonna hurt you, I want to show you something.” Zach held the knife to the palm of his left hand.
“Are you crazy? Don’t do that!” Jake went to grab the knife from him. Zach slipped away from him.
“Just watch!” Zach touched the knife to his palm again. Jake winced as he pulled it across his palm. Blood began to build up in his hand.
“You’re crazy!” Jake yelled. He made sure no neighbors were watching. Zach motioned for him to be quite, he pointed at the blood about to drip from his hand. Jake watched the bead of red liquid fall to the concrete. The blood turned icy blue as it fell, when it hit the sidewalk, it iced over. Jake’s jaw was on the floor. “What just happened?” Jake asked.
“Don’t ask me! I have absolutely no idea! It started happening a week ago, a sliced my finger cutting an apple.” He flipped over his wrists. “Look at my wrists, my veins are dark blue, that’s not normal, they’re supposed to be lighter than this!” Jake’s veins were the color of blueberries.
“Why didn’t your blood turn blue when you fell before?” Jake asked, holding down his soup from lunch.
“I have no idea, it just kind of happens when it wants to.” Zach said with a puzzled look on his face.
“Dude you need to see a doctor!” Jake said. “I’ll get my mom!” He began to run.
“No!” Zach jumped on him. “I don’t want my own TLC show! I’d rather just deal with this the normal way.” Jake gave him a shocked look.
“Does that include cutting yourself!?” He questioned. Zach got off of him and helped him get up.
“No, it includes running away to the North Pole with you and Abby.” Zach said with a totally straight face on.
Jake went to say something then stopped, he went again, and stopped. “You really are crazy! How do you run away to the North Pole? That makes no sense!”
“It doesn’t need to! I just need you guys to help me!” Zach asked. Jake grimaced and the two went up to his room.
Chapter 2
Abigail, Jake, and Zach were sitting on Jake’s bedroom floor. Papers were scattered around the floor as well as a dozen smashed Coca Cola cans. Jake had a worried look on his face as he read the papers in his hand. “So how are we gonna get there?” Abigail asked, giddy to help out Zach. Jake groaned and put his hands over his head.
“You guys are going to think I’m crazy but I think I have an idea.” Zach said smirking. Jake let out another groan anticipating what Zach’s idea would be. “We steal a boat.” Abigail let out a shriek and Jake began to choke on his drink.
“You seriously have gone crazy!” Jake said “Steal a boat? You need to see a doctor!” Abigail hit Jake and made a disgusted look.
“I think it’s a genius idea! I know where to get us a boat too!” Abigail said smiling from ear to ear.
“Great, so you’re in!?” Zach said overjoyed. Abby squealed and clapped her hands. “Now what about you Jake, I need you to come.”
Jake groaned a third time and said “Even if I was coming, which I’m not saying I am, how would we get past our parents?” Abigail shrieked again.
“Simple, we are going to Camp Kulahot in Upstate New York.” Zach smiled. Abigail smirked and looked at Jake. “We’ll be away for Christmas break and might get back for New Years.”
Jake sighed and said “I guess I’m in, but we need to act fast, like today fast.” Abigail shrieked a third time and Zach cheered. Abigail typed up an email to Jake’s parents and Zach’s mom. After Abby read it aloud and they all agreed it sounded legitimate, they sent it. Several minutes later there was a knock at the door.
“Jake? Why is this door locked?” Mrs. Donahough asked. Abigail and Zach began to pick up the papers from the floor and shove them under Jake’s bed.
“I don’t know! It must’ve broken, I’ll open it.” Jake said he mouthed “Faster” to Abby and Zach. “Uh, it won’t open!” Jake said fiddling with the doorknob. “Hold on, let me try one more time.” He looked back; no more papers were on the floor. The door unlocked. “Got it!”
Mrs. Donahough walked in smiling, “I’ll have your father look at that later.” She fiddled with the door

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Another unfinished story... Empty Re: Another unfinished story...

Post by hptonks425 on Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:29 pm

that's really good! Very Happy

Another unfinished story... 23vj7o2
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