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~Don't take your life for granted~

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~Don't take your life for granted~ Empty ~Don't take your life for granted~

Post by hptonks425 on Sat Nov 14, 2009 12:00 am

you go to school (or are homeschooled), play sports, hang out with friends, see movies, that's all normal. But do you guys ever stop and really appreciate all that you have in life? I don't mean material items (even though you should appreciate all the material items you have. . I mean the other things, like a loving family, great friends, and most importantly, you are healthy.

I just came back from a Celebrity softball game that was put together by a local cancer Donation company, one that me and my family are really into. We've done a lot for the Donator company. My dad has raised over $85,000 dollars for the company, and I myself have raised the most in my grade for the company and my highschool. through the years, I have met a lot of great people. Most of them are either cancer fighters, or cancer survivors. The similarity between me and them: They are all kids. They are children who have had to live with cancer through their childhood life, and have not had the benefits of being a kid. I've met leukemia survivors, even a two time brain cancer survivor! They all are great people, but the sad thing is: They haven't had a normal life. They've had to spend much of their childhood on hospital beds, or in test rooms.

I met a young boy today about my age, and he spoke to everyone, and said something that really opened my eyes. He said "The hardest part about having braing cancer wasn't the chemo, or having to be strapped down to a table for 15-20 minutes so the doctors could find the radiation. The hardest part about having cancer was that it robbed me of my childhood. It forced me to grow up too soon, and too quick."

It's sad to see young boys and girls not having the chance to go outside and play because they are too weak, or the chemotherapy has affected them. It truly is very sad.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... Don't take your life for granted. Treat each day like it was your last, and while you're at it, be a kid, and enjoy your childhood, because not everyone can.


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