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Vacation.............. Empty Vacation..............

Post by Joe on Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:25 pm

I tasted summer in the air. The taste brought back amazing feelings of swimming in the pool with my friends, playing baseball til' midnight, barbecues with my family, and camping in my friends backyards every saturday. That's what summer is to me, a simple, playful season where nothing needs to be done. I rounded my street corner, my friends were waiting for me to pitch in the baseball game.

"The first ten minutes of vacation and you guys already set up a baseball game?" I said jokingly. My friend Ben shrugged and tossed me a mit agressivley. I saw the smile in his eyes. I simply took my retainer out with my tounge, threw down my backpack, and said. "Batter Up"

We played for 2 hours until the Hansens needed to eat dinner which meant we lose 3 players. The game ended in a draw. Ben came up to me after and we walked up my driveway. The aspalt againts my bare feet stung. We reached my front steps and opened the door.

A rush of cool air came at us as we walked to the kitchen. My mom was making dinner. "Hey Brody, hey Ben" My mom said. Ben was like a member of our family. He always stays over. "Dinner's almost ready, go wash up!" She said.

Ben and I walked to my bathroom. "What are you doing for vacation?" He asked while washing his hands.

"Uh, don't know. My dad didn't tell us yet." I said with a tone of curiosity in my voice.

"yeah, me eith-either" He said studdering. Ben always studdered when he was keeping a secret.

"Really? Be-be-because yuh-yuh-you seem like you do." I said mocking him. He laughed. We dried our hands and walked to the kitchen.

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Vacation.............. Empty Re: Vacation..............

Post by Lyssa45 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:57 pm

Awesome story! Smile
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